The Star, X-frame safety by Sharratt & Lisle

Edward Lisle had been active in the bicycle production since 1869. In 1876 he went into partnership with Edwin John Sharratt. Their firm Sharratt & Lisle was based in Wolverhampton. In 1883 their brand name became The Star.

This wonderful preserved example of a Star was for sale at the 2019 Beaulieu jumble. It looks 100% original, including the badge and the cushion tyres.  
A special feature is top stay, the pipe running from head to saddle post: normally this is a thin solid stay. I have seen an advertisement from 1888 showing a Star-safety without this pipe. 

Click here to access the site of Oldbike, showing many pictures of this safety.

Click on the photo below to see the pictures Maarten Waarlé took at Beaulieu. Thanks for that!